Delighted patient delivers poetic praise

Stewart AtkinDoncaster man, Stewart Atkin, was so delighted with his recent eye surgery, he has put pen to paper to express his delight in poetry.

Not only has Stewart worn glasses for thirty years, he has been juggling four sets of specs, from driving glasses, to readers, to prescription sunglasses and extra strength glasses for close up reading of computers or small plans on paper at work.

Stewart, who will celebrate his 60th birthday this year, was eager to find out more about Clarivu™ Refractive Lens Exchange at his local specialist eye hospital, Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital.

His consultation with Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mr Shafiq Rehman, revealed that he was suitable for Clarivu, and after the twenty minute procedure, Stewart describes his vision as “exceptional”.

He says: “I had seen the Ruth Langsford TV ad and read her story online, and her story was just like mine! We both felt the frustration of having to rely on glasses, and for me it was the inconvenience of having to change between so many different pairs of glasses. I had recently taken on some additional work, so financially the time was right for me to go for it, and I am so glad I did.

“I do not need to wear glasses at all now though I still reach out for them – it takes a little getting used to, after 30 years in glasses!

“I was also keen not to forget how bad my sight used to be, so I had written a list of what I could and could not see without glasses, before I went to Optegra. I could not see things like the writing on the back of a DVD case, the small print in The Sunday Times – and at a distance, even the heading of The Sunday Times! The words would just blur into one. ”

As well as this list of benefits, with the help of his daughter Claire Dawn Burkill, Stewart has also penned a poem of gratitude. He says: “My daughter loves to write poetry if she has a bit of spare time, and I wanted to let Optegra know how grateful I was, but I wanted to tell them in a different way. Claire suggested the poem, and wrote it for me in just ten minutes or so!”


I had trouble with my eyes for a very long time,
And I thought my story should be read in a rhyme,
A call to Optegra to see what they could do,
There were options for me, could this really be true?

I had Lens Replacement in April this year,
My world was changing to crystal and clear,
Aftercare was needed during the month of May,
But improvements were obvious day by day.

Optegra, you have simply changed my life,
No need for glasses, no trouble, no strife,
Everything around me is so very bright,
I can’t thank you enough, you’ve regained my sight.

Thank you
Stewart Robert Atkin

Stewart is married with two children and is a devoted grandfather. He says his main passion outside work is spending time with his three year old grand-daughter, whom he can now play with, without glasses falling, or being pulled off!

Stewart was impressed with Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital saying that everyone he met, from the receptionist to surgeon, was so welcoming and reassuring – they were “spot on!”

Clarivu™ is the Optegra brand name for its individually tailored, consultant-led vision correction (or Refractive Lens Exchange – RLE) package. The package includes all diagnostic eye assessments, an artificial intraocular lens (IOL) specially selected for the lifestyle and visual goals of the patient, the procedure undertaken in an Optegra eye hospital and post-operative care. In addition, the Clarivu™ package includes any further top up laser surgery that may be required in order to meet the stated visual goals of the patient.

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