Competition And Markets Authority Declaration

On 1st October 2014, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 (the Order) as part of the remedies required by its final report on the Private Healthcare Market Investigation.

The Order requires private hospital operator to disclose certain information relating to referring clinicians for the time being practising at that private hospital which are set out for Optegra UK Ltd below:

 “Low value” services

The following low value services are also provided to referring clinicians with practising privileges at the hospital at a standard rate of 10% of fee charge:

  • Basic workplace amenities such as tea, coffee, refreshments, car parking and stationery
  • General marketing support, including online marketing, consultant directories, GP education events
  • General services provided to ensure clinical safety (e.g. In-house and mandatory training)
  • Operational and administrative services to facilitate the processing of patient admissions billing
  • General clinical services such as room space
  • General corporate hospitality
  • Mini-consultations at patient information events
  • Patient notes archiving
  • Subsidised meals

Corporate Hospitality Events for referring clinicians

All consultants are invited to attend a general corporate meeting at Optegra hospital at which they practice. The meetings are generally hosted offsite, with food and drink provided.

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Chairs from all Optegra hospitals are invited to attend a corporate management meeting, joining the Optegra senior leadership team in reviewing Optegra hospitals’ performance over the past year, sharing best practice and discussing objectives for the year to come. In recognition of their voluntary service to Optegra as MAC Chairs, attendees are invited to attend a dinner and provided overnight accommodation following the conference. The cost of the hospitality provided at the last such meeting was £220 per consultant. The dinner is attended by MAC chairs, Hospital Directors, Optegra Operating Board members and central senior leadership teams.

Clinical Advisory Services to Optegra

Private hospital operators are required to disclose details of certain paid services provided by referring clinicians to private hospitals in addition to exercising practising privileges at that hospital.  Optegra pays referring clinicians at a rate calculated on the amount that those consultants earn in the independent sector for their clinical work. Currently, Optegra has two referring clinicians who holds a part-time position:

  • Stephen Lash BM, BSc(Hons), MCOptom, FRCOphth, MBA (Medical Director Optegra UK) – at rate of £90,000 pa
  • Shafiq Rehman  MB ChB FRCOphth PGDip (Consultant Ophthalmologist & Vision Correction Specialist) - Optegra UK Clinical Lead for Cataract & Refractive Surgery - at rate of £60,000 pa

Surgeon Advisory Board (SAB)

  • The SAB (established in January 2019) supports the development of Optegra’s strategy and policies, providing advice on clinical best practice, new technology and procedures, complaints, peer review and giving specialty-specific expert advice where needed.
  • The SAB is constituted from members of Optegra Hospitals’ Medical Societies nominated by peers and hospital management. Members are invited to join the SAB by our Medical Director, Stephen Lash.
  • Where advisory services are requested from and provided to Optegra by SAB consultant members, they are paid a day rate of £2000 plus reasonable expenses incurred.

Any enquiries relating to Optegra hospitals CMA compliance should be sent to

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