Mr Anthony Evans Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon

Mr Anthony Evans



Mr Anthony Evans is a Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire, specialising in cataract. He is also the Hampshire Medical Advisory Chairman.

• UK specialist register 1993
• GMC Specialist Register Ophthalmology (12.6.1996)

Places of study:
• Medical School – St. Bartholomew’s Hospital – MBBS 1982
• Registrar – Oxford, Moorfields Eye Hospital and Perth, Western Australia
• Senior Registrar – Western Eye Hospital
• Fellow – Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

• Kings Fund Travelling Fellowship 1992
• St Mary’s Hospital Special Trustees – Travelling Scholarship 1992
• Wellington Foundation Travelling Scholarship 1993

Past professional history:
• Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
• Portsmouth Hospitals Trust – appointed 1994
• Examiner – Royal College of Ophthalmologists
• Article 14 lead assessor since 2008

Training of other surgeons:
• Clinical superviser for Wessex Ophthalmology trainees

Overseas charity work:
• Pro Bono adviser to Foreign and Commonwealth Office for
• UK citizens abroad

Member of societies / bodies:
• Royal College of Ophthalmologists
• Wessex Council Representative 2004 – 2010
• Regional Sergical Adviser – Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
• British Isles Society of Paediatric Ophthalmoloy and Strabismus
• 2013 – appointed member of NHS Clinical Reference Group – Specialised Ophthalmology Services

Papers published:

1. Retinal Detachment and its relation to cataract surgery
Gray RH, Evans AR, Constable IJ, McAllister IL
Br J Ophthalmol, 1989, 73, 775-780

2. Combined anaerobic and coliform infection in acute dacryocystitis
Evans AR, Strong JD, Buck AC
J Paed Ophthalmol and Strab, 1991, 28, 292

3. An analysis of the accuracy of IOL power in the myopic patient
McCormack P, Evans AR, Gregson R
Eye 1991, 5, 63-65

4. The fascicular organisation of the cat optic nerve
Evans AR, Jeffery G
Experimental Brain Research 1992 91, 79-84

5. The human optic nerve – fascicular organisation and connective tissue types along the extra fascicular matrix
Jeffery G, Evans AR, Albon J, Duance V, Neal J, Davidek G
Anat Embryol 1995, 191, 491-502

6. A review of temporal artery biopsy results in a large DGH
Vakalis A, Hodkins PR, Hull RJ, Parnaby-Price A, Jeffrey M, Evans AR
Br J Rheumatology 1996, 56, 106

7. Is the prevalence of uveitis in JCA dropping?
Hodgkins PR, Evans AR, Hull RG
Procedings of the Br Paediatric Association 1996, 68, 72

8. Osteoporosis prophylaxis in an Ophthalmology clinic
Hodgkins PR, Hull RG, Vakalis A, Jeffrey MN, Evans AR
Eye 1997, 11, 126-127

9. Corticosteroids and osteoporosis: attitudes of British Ophthalmologists
Hodgkins PR, Hull RG, Evans AR, Jeffrey MN
Br J Ophthalmol 1997, 81, 260

10. Necrotising fasciitis as a complication of botulinum toxin injection
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11. The epidemiology of paediatric glaucoma- the Toronto experience
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12. Neuroretinitis associated with cat scratch disease in a child
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13. Co-existence of optic disc drusen and idiopathic intracranial hypertension in a child
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14. Macula degeneration associated with a novel Treacher Collins tcof1 mutation and evaluation of this mutation in age-related macula degeneration
Goverdhan SV, Temple IK, Self J, Lotery AJ, Evans AR
B J Ophthalmol 2005, 89, 1063-1064

15. A case of 2 brothers with congenital Horners syndrome
Pierce C, Sinclair N, Evans A
Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavia Vol 85, Issue Supp s240 Sep 2007

16. Successful surgical intervention for childhood pterygium using a conjunctival autograft.
J Paed Ophthalmology 2009
Trikha S, Khan-Lim D, Evans A

17. Paraneoplastic optic neuropathy associated with papillary renal cell carcinoma
Brit J Ophth 2009
Srikantha N, Goverdhan S, Evans A

18. Bilateral Visual Loss – More than meets the eye.
Turnbull A, Trikha S, Gibson D, Evans A and Foroozan R
Survey of Ophthalmology Vol 58 No. 1 86 – 91, 2013

19. Have we got the eyes right? An audit of referral patterns to Ophthalmology in JIA.
Alston C, Evans A, Hull R
EULAR 2013 (SAT 0453)

20. Royal College Guidelines – Ophthalmology Outpatient Services

21. Department of Health – Estates and Facilities – Health Building Note 4. 2007 Eye Clinics

Invited Lectures:

1999 Aspects of Modern Paediatric Ophthalmology
Polish Paediatric Ophthalmology Society, Warsaw

2005 RNIB Early Years Conference, Basingstoke – Keynote Speaker

2006 Regional Orthoptic Study Meeting – “Nystagmus – Medical and Surgical Management”

2007 VIEW National Conference, Birmingham – Keynote speaker-
The oculo-genetic clinic – is it useful?

2007 BISA National Meeting – Brighton
“Things that I wish I had known”.

2010 Hampshire/Isle of Wight Opticians Conference – Paediatric Ophthalmology

2010 Fareham Medical Society

2012 Wessex ED trainees meeting – Ocular Trauma

2013 Regional Orthoptic Meeting – Hampshire UK

• Family life – married (Annie – school teacher), 3 children – one at St Andrews, one on a gap year and one still at school!
• Hobbies – attempting to control two dogs, one cat and a country garden

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