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Mr Simon Rogers


Oculoplastics. cataract

Mr Simon Rogers is a Consultant Ophthalmologist specialising in oculoplastics and cataract.

Joined Optegra Eye Hospital Hampshire in 2014

Places of study:
• St Mary’s Hospital Medical School, London, UK 1993-1999
• Higher Specialist Ophthalmology Training, Wessex Deanery, UK 2006-2010
• Advanced Subspeciality Training Opportunity (ASTO) in Oculoplastics, Salisbury District Hospital and Southampton General Hospital, UK 2009-2010
• Locum Consultant Ophthalmologist with a subspeciality interest in Oculoplastics, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK 2010-2011
• Fellowship in Oculoplastics, Sydney Eye Hospital, Sydney, Australia 2011-2012

Past professional history:
• Consultant Ophthalmologist with a subspeciality interest in Oculoplastics, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK 2012 onwards
• Consultant Ophthalmologist, Spire Hospital, Havant, UK 2012 onwards
• Consultant Ophthalmologist, St Mary’s NHS Treatment Centre, Portsmouth, UK 2013 onwards

Training of other surgeons:
In my current consultant position I am regularly involved in teaching ophthalmic trainees, other junior doctors and medical staff. This involves teaching surgery, presentations at teaching sessions and clinical teaching in clinics. I have been on organised courses that develop teaching skills. I have had formal feedback on my teaching sessions and this has been very positive.

At the end of my training I undertook a year-long fellowship in Oculoplastics at the Sydney Eye Hospital. I have also been on numerous trips to an eye hospital in Burma where I have performed oculoplastic and cataract surgery. I keep up strong links with this hospital and plan to return for a trip next year.

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Member of societies:

Papers published:
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A keen sportsman, since retiring from rugby I have taken up triathlons, and recently competed in the Alps D’Huez Triathlon. In September I climbed Kilimanjaro for charity and broke the world record for the highest cricket match played while there.

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