Mr Sundeep Vaswani

Sundeep Vaswani is a specialist refractive optometrist and clinical research associate, with over a decade of experience in refractive surgery, covering the areas of laser vision correction and intraocular lenses. After qualifying as an optometrist in 2008, he spent four years working with a large refractive surgery provider in the UK, where his role encompassed undertaking pre-and post-operative consultations for refractive surgery patients, training of other optometrists and supervision of pre-registration optometrists. Sundeep then went to work for a large hospital in the UK as a consultant optometrist in the eye unit, which provided premium cataract surgery. He managed the premium lens cataract surgery pathway, was involved with staff training and introduced and managed a surgical audit for the premium lens surgery outcomes. Since then, Sundeep has gone on to become a clinical trainer for a leading global manufacturer of ophthalmological equipment, he has published articles across various optometric journals and has spoken at domestic and international conferences. He joined Optegra in 2017 as a clinical research associate within the Eye Sciences team, where his responsibilities involve auditing of surgical outcomes, conducting clinical research trials, training of other optometrists, and assisting with educational events.


  • General Optical Council
  • Association of Optometrists
  • College of Optometrists


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